Här kommer reklam för kursen i easibirthing som ges i London våren 2016. Titta gärna på statistiken nedan och bli imponerad av vad man kan åstadkomma på fertilitetsfronten med hypnos – väldigt imponerande!

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Would you like to teach effective, easy to use techniques which will help women overcome fear, feel more in control and have a more positive birth experience?

Birth has the potential to be one of the most wonderful experiences of a couple’s life. Childbirth is a natural physiological process that a woman’s body is fully equipped for.? Each birth is unique, and easibirthing® is about empowering her to manage her individual experience, not fear it. ?We train the expectant parents to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare mind and body for birth. The easibirthing® method teaches them how to use hypnosis for pain management and aims to boost their trust in her body so she enters labour feeling calm, confident and in control.? This is about reaching a state of deep relaxation, maintaining perception of control over the process and developing a positive attitude. ?It is about changing their expectation of birth so that they help rather than hinder the natural process, and develop valuable life skills for parenthood.

easibirthing® is a UK based model which was developed in conjunction with midwives and therefore complements UK birthing practices. It is designed as a flexible approach to adapt to each individual client; and to empower them to manage whatever course their birth experience takes. easibirthing® receives nhs funding in parts of the country due to the evidence-base of this tried and tested model.

The CHBP qualification is the only hypnosis for childbirth qualification in the UK which is independently accredited (ie. by the nchp).


Post Natal Mental Health

Becoming a parent can be fulfilling and enjoyable. However for some women and men it can a daunting and overwhelming. Perhaps childbirth or holding their baby for the first time was not the wonderful experience they were hoping for.

The reality is that, throughout the world, postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety (PPA) disorders affect a full fifteen to twenty percent of new mothers; and 1 in 4 men can also show symptoms. However these illnesses have, until recently, received little attention from the medical profession, and limited accurate media exposure and social awareness. PPD and PPA can impact on individuals at one of the most pivotal times of life, it is vital that we as therapists empower our clients to recognise and overcome them with appropriate support.

This one-day practitioners course will cover:

  • Postpartum depression
  • Postpartum anxiety
  • Postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Postpartum psychosis
  • Pregnancy/Antenatal mental health


Hypnosis for Fertility

Develop your practice by joining the growing number of Hypnosis for Fertility practitioners in the UK who are helping women and men increase their chances of fertility and dealing with the psychological and emotional challenges of difficulties in conceiving? The benefits of using hypnosis for fertility are renowned. There is an increasing demand for women wishing to use hypnosis to assist in conception, worldwide. The easibirthing® model had been specifically designed in conjunction with our work in childbirth.

We cannot guarantee a pregnancy will occur from your work with a client, but it can increase/maximise the chances following work in the therapeutic space by addressing the psycho-physiological barriers. There is a wealth of research showing that hormone levels, ovulation, spermatogenesis and other reproductive factors may well be affected by what is going on in a client’s mind; both thoughts and emotions.

Infertile women utilizing mind/body techniques such as hypnosis have a 42 – 55% conception rate as compared to 20% with in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association 1999 and The Journal of Fertility and Sterility 2000.

According to an Israeli study presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Berlin in July of 2004, hypnosis can effectively double the success of IVF treatments.

The study was conducted by Professor Eliahu Levitas and his team at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva to determine if hypnosis could improve the success of the embryo transfers stage of IVF. The study of 185 women found that 28% of the women who were hypnotized for the IVF treatment became pregnant, compared to 14% of the women in the control group.


Sharon Mustard has been a specialist in hypno-psychotherapy for fertility, childbirth & post natal mental health for over 20 years. She is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Life Coach and with a full-time practice in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Visit her practice at www.mustardtherapy.co.uk . Prior to this time, she gained extensive experience in the field of mental health: working in Social Services, National Health Service & voluntary sector.

The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (nchp) has been offering respected, evidenced based and independently accredited Hypnotherapy Training, Hypnosis Training and Psychotherapy Training since 1977. Their Hypnotherapy/Hypno-psychotherapy training is UKCP and European-accredited. Visit them at www.hypnotherapyuk.net

Entry requirements:

Applicants for these courses would be required to be a practising Hypnotherapist or in training to be a Hypnotherapist.

**If you are a trainee you will be expected to have attained a Hypnotherapy qualification prior to your easibirthing® certification being finalised but can attend the course in the meantime.


The course will be accompanied by a short essay question assessment which maps to the learning outcomes (to be completed following attendance of the course).


For more details or to book, visit www.easibirthing.co.uk. Contact Sharon Mustard on 01980 623089 or email sharon@easibirthing.co.uk


19th, 20th & 21st February 2016, London (Hypnosis for Childbirth)

£360 for 3-day CHBP certificate course           21 hours CPD

 23rd April 2016, London (Post Natal Mental Health)

£125 for 1-day PNMH certificate course          7 hours CPD

28th & 29th May 2016, London (Hypnosis for Fertility)

£280 for 2-day CHFP certificate course             14 hours CPD 

Book online at http://www.easibirthing.co.uk